Season 10
  |  October 29-31, 2015  |  Philadelphia

Terror Film Festival is a bad-azz, blood chilling, alien probing international genre arts film festival, and is a new breed of film festival unlike any other film festival in the world, because it's designed to help promote YOU, the creative artist, and YOU, the genre movie lover.  The festival runs every October and we offer prizes, a world-class Screenwriting Competition, exposure, fun, some of the best parties on the planet, and the coveted Claw Awards.  And it's all presented by the genre diva fashionista herself, Princess Horror. It's Halloween Cinematic!

Terror Film Festioval is also the only festival in the world who places your photo, poster, website link, and synopsis on our website JUST FOR SUBMITTING A PROJECT.  TFF pioneered the concept in 2006 and we’re proud to continue to offer it to our creative artists.  Terror Film Festival is dedicated to "The Art of Genre" (Horror, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Thriller, Dark Drama); the filmmakers and screenwriters who make great genre movies; and the fans who love them.  For our FILMMAKERS, we offer awards that strive to get you recognized as a filmmaker and for your film to be celebrated and distributed.  And it doesn't matter if your film's already been screened somewhere else or what year it was made or if it has distribution.  For our SCREENWRITERS, we offer awards for the sake of great writing to help support your writing talent and career. And for our MOVIE LOVERS, we have only one mission -- to thrill the living daylights out of you!!

Terror Film Festival is a great place for filmmaking and filmmakers.  Our Call For Entries for this worldwide film festival is focused on getting as many filmmakers and screenwriters involved with the festival as possible, and as one of the premiere horror film festivals celebrating independent film, TFF is a Halloween event that brings the best films to the audience.  That's what we think being a great film festival is all about.

So, mark your calendars and tell your friends, because Terror Film Festival is an experience that you will never forget.

On behalf of the staff and creative artists, Terror Film Festival wishes to thank everyone who has been a fan and supporter over the years. We honestly couldn't provide such a superb film festival without you.  Thank You.