Season 12 - 2017  



Terror Film Festival is deeply committed to the arts of filmmaking and screenwriting, and we're always developing innovative and creative ways to better promote our filmmakers and screenwriters. Our mission is to produce the most exciting and satisfying festival possible for our filmmakers, screenwriters, and fans. We feel our creative artists produce some of the best films and scripts ever made and we strive to do our best to celebrate their undying devotion to commitment and compliment of craft.

We nurture and support new filmmakers and screenwriters who are the next Alfred Hitchcock, M. Night Shyamalan, Orson Welles, Rob Zombie, George A. Romero, Hammer Films, Steven Spielberg, etc. We offer prizes, free promotional project listings, a world class screenwriting competition, and our coveted Claw Awards. All presented by the sexy, Princess Horror.

We are known throughout the world as a bad-azz film festival for lovers of horror, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller and drama, and we run every October, proudly offering the latest and greatest works from the next wave of up and coming entertainment industry giants. Write, make, and watch GREAT cinema!

TFF is an international independent genre arts film festival that puts filmmakers, screenwriters, and fans first. We're a passionate, professional and honorable film festival that offers incredible, ground breaking, precedent setting benefits and concepts, all designed to help promote YOU and YOUR PROJECT.

TFF serves you as the only film festival in the WORLD that puts your picture, project poster, project synopsis, and a link to your website onto our website just for SUBMITTING a project. TFF pioneered the concept in 2006, and it's our pleasure to continue to offer it to our filmmakers and screenwriters.

TFF offers you filmmaking Claw Awards, screenwriting Claw Awards, industry-focused award categories, and industry exposure. All for our filmmakers and screenwriters.

TFF provides you with full acknowledgement and recognition of your hard work on our website and at our festival, and we treat our filmmakers, screenwriters and audiences like kings and queens.

TFF is all about our creative artists and fans.

In conclusion, taking care of our creative artists and fans is something we take very seriously. We're here to help you, so don't hesitate to ask. If we can do it, we will. We want this festival to always be a no-hassle, stress-free event that helps promote YOU.


These are the dedicated individuals who go to great lengths to ensure that your film, your screenplay, and you, are treated with the professionalism and courtesy that you deserve. They spend many long hours bringing you the best festival possible!

 Soooo Artsy

  CUSS, Festival Director
Born into a family of cinematic felines, Cuss runs his festival with an iron paw. He don't tolerate no rude behavior and he lets you know it by randomly leaping onto your foot and chewing away!
Favorite Cinema:
Cat People; What's New Pussycat?; That Darned Cat; Garfield; Josie &
The Pussycats; Thomasina; Catwoman; any Fellini.

Favorite Music: Tom Jones!
Personal Quote: The juxtaposition of spectacle and venture amalgamate to proliferate a guerdon of exalted virtuosity and exigent desideratum."

  CLAW, The "Other" Festival Director
Claw is an award-winning filmmaker and drummer who loves making movies and music. He spends most of his time in front of his computer with a bottle of scotch, doing all kinds of dirty deeds...for dirt cheap!
Favorite Cinema:
Robocop; Halloween; The Crow; Enter The Dragon; Spiderman; Bubba
Hotep; El Mariachi; Romeo & Juliet; Planet of the Apes; any Rod Serling; The Princess Bride; Zombi; Citizen Kane;
Favorite Music: Queen; The Beatles; Elvis (Presley & Costello); Violent Femmes; The Pretenders; Led
Zeppelin; The Undertones; Blondie; Eddie Money.
Personal Quote: “Express yourself honestly and never be boring.”

  PRINCESS HORROR, International Star
Star of film and stage, the Princess is a ballet dancer, a dual-octave opera singer, an actress, and a multi-award-winning filmmaker. She loves animals, fashion, making movies, and excellent adventures!
Favorite Cinema:
The Bad Seed; any Vincent Price; any Hitchcock; any Zombie; any Horror; any Audrey
Hepburn; any Marilyn Monroe; any Bette Davis; any David Lynch; any David Cronenberg; any John Waters.
Favorite Music: The Doors; Pink Floyd; George Clinton & The P-Funks; Bad Company; David Bowie; any
Doo-Wop; Any Motown; The Buggles; Frankie Goes To Hollywood; any 70’s; Any 80’s.
Personal Quote: “Don’t be afraid to be who you are.”

  GRACELAND, Director of Marketing
Graceland is a long time fan of art, dance, philosophy and expressionism. She enjoys writing screenplays, making award-winning films, and running from the law. She once had a date with Elvis...Wait! Graceland? Could she be...the one that got away?!
Favorite Cinema:
Vertigo; Halloween; Psycho; Wizard of Oz; House on Haunted Hill; A Touch of Evil;
Favorite Music: Deep Purple; Saliva; the British Invasion; Psychodelic Rock; Old Blues.
Personal Quote: “Get away from me! Leave me alone! Elvis, where are you?!”

  MICK JAGRRR, Review Specialist
An award-winning master of movies, music and munchies, Mick truly loves a well-crafted film. He's a film historian who knows EVERYTHING about movies all the way back to the 1920's. He plays drums, a mean harmonica, and enjoys screaming for no apparent reason!
Favorite Cinema:
The Tingler; Poirot; Sherlock Holmes; Robert Louis Stevenson; Shane.
Favorite Music: The White Album; On The Border; Robert Johnson; any Doo-Wop; Janis Joplin.
Personal Quote: “It doesn’t cost anything to be kin

  DOUBLE D, Production Virtuoso
Double D has three feature films under his belt (two as award winners) and hundreds of hours behind the camera as Director and DP. His favorite pastime is sitting in the dark and sobbing uncontrollably, while sobbing uncontrollably in the dark!
Favorite Cinema:
Night of the Living Dead; The Aviator; Planet of the Apes; Waterworld; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; The Road Warrior; Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
Favorite Music: George Harrison, The Rippingtons, Smash Mouth.
Personal Quote: “Repeated Expletives.”

  JIMMY DIFI, Technical Auteur
Jimmy Difi is a classically trained Shakespearean actor, published author, and accomplished film director, with many films in his repertoire', and all have screened around the world. One in particular, "The Hookman of Beaver Valley", is the predecessor to "I Saw What You Did Last Summer". Jimmy also lives in an asylum for the filmmakingly insane. Fortunately, he escapes every year, just in time for Terror Film Festival!
Favorite Cinema:
Horror; any Mob/Gangster.
Favorite Music: Blues; Progressive Jazz.
Personal Quote: “We must never see a day without art.”

  VERY SHY MARCY, Scripts Consultant
She rarely makes an appearance anymore, this mysterious mistress of computer and information science! Shy was weened on horror films and loves all aspects of great gore cinema. She voraciously studies film theory and is a devoted film fanatic who truly adores a great script. And good luck finding her at her desk! Lovecraft!
Favorite Cinema:
The Fearless Vampire Killers; The Conqueror Worm (aka Witchfinder General); Last House on the Left; South Park the Movie; Performance; Audition; Oldboy; The Haunting (1963); Kwaidan; Evil Dead I and II; any Val Lewton; any Hammer Studio; any Herschell Gordon Lewis.
Favorite Music:
Nirvana, Melvins, the Strokes, Bad Brains, Wu Tang Clan, Blood Brothers
Personal Quote: “I love a good horror film.”



Terror Film Festival was founded by a group of passionate young artists whose films and scripts were rejected by every film festival in the world. After several years of being thoroughly brow beaten by the critics and their peers, these young upstarts realized that it wasn’t their work that sucked, it was the rest of the world who couldn’t see their self-described genius that sucked!

So, they gathered, one cold, dark eve, in a backyard tree fort, to form a new breed of film festival. A film festival so radical that the filmmakers, the screenwriters, and the fans, matter. And, huddled around the blinding glow of the mighty dime store lighter, this group decided to name their new freakishly amorfated awakening monster, Terror Film Festival. Then, after a long moment of awkward silence, pride began to fill their innocent, young hearts, as these misguided idealists came to understand that from that day forward, they would always, and for eternity, be known as...The Five Filmmakers of the Festival Apocalypse!

There was HORROR! Dressed in stark red and wielding the mighty sword of mediocrity, Horror rides against the evils of bad character development! FANTASY! Armed with the colossal power to roll the highest numbers possible in D&D while still cleaning his room before Mom gets home! SCI-FI! Confused, yet head strong, this time-traveling wanna-be can run from here to there while holding the camera not-very-steady! THRILLER! With his noir mentality and need to be loved, Thriller fights the never-ending battle for truth, justice, and great plot points! And finally, PSYCHO! I mean, DARK DRAMA! With the awesome strength to spew inappropriate comments at the wrong time, mixed with highly ineffective dramatic pauses and sentences that seem to run on forever, as if not knowing when to stop or how to pace the delivery of a monologue within a film or a screenplay, Drama fights to keep bad dialogue structure to a minimum!

Together, these five fearless warriors ride their Big Wheels blindly into the wind, spitting and screaming wildly, armed with roaring bragging rights, and heralded as…Terror Film Festival!

Thank You!