Season 10
  |  October 29-31, 2015  |  Philadelphia


Terror Film Festival is deeply committed to the arts of filmmaking and screenwriting, and we're always developing innovative and creative ways to better promote our filmmakers and screenwriters. Our mission is to produce the most exciting and satisfying festival possible for our filmmakers, screenwriters, and fans. We feel our creative artists produce some of the best films and scripts ever made and we strive to do our best to celebrate their undying devotion to commitment and compliment of craft. Write, make, and watch GREAT cinema!

Terror Film Festival is known throughout the world as a bad-azz film festival for lovers of horror, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller and drama, and we run every October in Philadelphia PA.

Terror Film Festival nurtures and supports new filmmakers and screenwriters who are the next Alfred Hitchcock, M. Night Shyamalan, Orson Welles, Rob Zombie, George A. Romero, Hammer Films, Steven Spielberg, etc. We offer cash and prizes, online VOD interviews of our filmmakers, all kinds of additional promotion on our website (check out THE CAVERNS), a world class screenwriting competition, and our coveted Claw Awards. All presented by Princess Horror herself.

Terror Film Festival offers the latest and greatest works from the next wave of up and coming industry giants for the sheer enjoyment of our audiences. We believe it's all about having great times pursuing great dreams, and our festival has been labeled one of the most theatrical events in the entertainment industry with "incredible showmanship".

In conclusion, taking care of our creative artists and fans is something we take very seriously. We're here to help you. So don't hesitate to ask. If we can do it, we will. And if you ever have any concerns or issues with TFF, whether it be programs, ticketing, your name misspelled, or anything else, please bring it to our attention right away. We want this festival to always be a no-hassle, stress-free event that helps promote YOU.

TFF is an international independent genre arts film festival that puts filmmakers, screenwriters, and fans first. We're a passionate, professional and honorable film festival that offers incredible, ground breaking, precedent setting benefits and concepts, all designed to help promote YOU and YOUR PROJECT.

TFF serves you as the only film festival in the WORLD that puts your picture, project poster, project synopsis, and a link to your website onto our website just for SUBMITTING a project. TFF pioneered the concept in 2006, and it's our pleasure to continue to offer it to our filmmakers and screenwriters.

TFF offers you filmmaking Claw Awards, filmmaking prizes, screenwriting Claw Awards, screenwriting prizes, industry-focused award categories, and cash prizes. ALL for our filmmakers and screenwriters.

TFF provides you with full acknowledgement and recognition of your hard work on our website and at our festival, and we treat our filmmakers, screenwriters and audiences like kings and queens.

TFF gives you free giveaways throughout the entire festival.

TFF is all about our creative artists and fans.