Season 12  |  October 19-22, 2017

(Submitted Films)

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Santa Klawn
Written by Jeffrey Lee DuPree
Santa Klawn, son of Krampus, an evil clown God has a very different present for the naughtiest children on Christmas day.
Horror, California, USA

The Sinful Man
Written by Keith Rommel, Felix Martiz
Leo runs to escape his sinful past; a past filled with death and regret. In his quest to numb his pain he has turned to drugs and a life of crime. But his demons have caught up to him and he can no longer ignore the damage that he has done to those around him. In one last attempt to run away from the horrors of his past, he encounters Twyla an old woman who helps him to confront and resolve his sinful deeds.
Horror, California, USA