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Official 2016 Film Selections

Directed by Eric Salberg
Produced by Gregory Mazzola

(Little) Red Riding Hood
Directed by Stephane Guenin
Produced by EuroPacific Films LLC, FMR Productions

A Menacing Proposal
Directed by Diana Lee Woody
Produced by Diana Lee Woody, L.J. Rivera

Aaron’s Blood
Directed by Tommy Stovall
Produced by Tommy Stovall, Marc Sterling

Directed by Jacob Nizzola
Produced by Jacob Nizzola, Tom van den Broek

Directed by Lingfei Zhao
Produced by Lingfei Zhao

Directed by David P. Sanudo
Produced by Amania Films

Directed by Rolf Lindblom
Produced by Rolf Lindblom

Directed by Geoffrey Crété
Produced by Geoffrey Crété

Baobhan Sith
Directed by David Hutchison, Lindsay McGee
Produced by David Hutchison, Lindsay McGee

Behind The Cake
Directed by Sasha Buljovcic
Produced by Sasha Buljovcic

Blue on Pink
Directed by Tan Jimreivat
Produced by Tan Jimreivat

Blurred Vision
Directed by Michael Giannantonio
Produced by Michael Giannantonio, Kenzie Mastroe, Boualem Hassaine

Bowling Might Have Been a Good Idea
Directed by Abby Winter
Produced by Laura Peterson

Bristel Goodman
Directed by Dan Harnden
Produced by Dan Harnden, Richard Ramsdell

Case Anna Mancini
Directed by Diego
Produced by Diego Carli Movie Art Pro, Tempraproduction

Cauchemar capitonné
Directed by Jean-Claude Leblanc
Produced by Jean-Claude Leblanc

Chateau Sauvignon: terroir
Directed by David E. Munz-Maire
Produced by David E. Munz-Maire, Rob Eletto, Jayesh Hariharan, Carlos Valdivia

Creatures of Whitechapel
Directed by Jonathan Martin
Produced by Rebecca Martin

Cruel Pardón (Cruel Forgiveness)
Directed by Fabio Colonna
Produced by Claudia Anguiano, Regina F. Guizar, Fabio De la Peña, Fabio Colonna

Crying Wolf
Directed by Sandor Tokodi
Produced by Sandor Tokodi, Annamaria Tanai

Dead Sunrise
Directed by Michal Imielski
Produced by SHH, Mehow Magic, Michal Imielski

Death Walks
Directed by Spencer Hawken
Produced by Lucinda Rhodes

Directed by Lorenzo Ayuso
Produced by AMANIA FILMS S.L.U.

Devil's Work
Directed by John Rodas
Produced by John Rodas, Frank Quaglia, Peter A Stefan, David E Watson, Johnny Wowk

Evil's Evil Cousin
Directed by Richard Hunter
Produced by Prudence Beecroft

Directed by Cyrus Neshvad
Produced by Cyrus Neshvad

Desde tu Infierno (From your Hell)
Directed by Alexis Pérez Montero
Produced by Ulises Puga Valenzuela

GARGALESIS - The Tickle Killer
Directed by Sascha Loffl
Produced by Sascha Loffl

Directed by Tyna Ezenma
Produced by Tyna Ezenma

Green Lake
Directed by Derek Frey
Produced by Derek Frey

Directed by Chad Sersen
Produced by Chad Sersen

Happy Birthday Suzie
Directed by Darren Hutchings
Produced by Darren Hutchings

Directed by Stefano Pivelli, Alberto Ruga
Produced by Manuel Neil Bo, Stefano Pivelli

Hunters For Metal
Directed by Sergiy Pudich
Produced by Anton Reznichenko, Sergiy Pudich

I Dare You
Directed by Eli Klein
Produced by Galit Klein, Shani Pitaru

Directed by Scott Powers
Produced by Larena Reyna, Frank Dal Bello, Mikel Mansour

Directed by Cynthia Morrison
Produced by Cynthia Morrison

Directed by Emeline Castaneda
Produced by Emeline Castaneda

Kick Paddle, Kick Paddle
Directed by Kyle Klubal
Produced by Kyle Klubal, Nicole Natal

Krzml by sinus force
Directed by Sascha Loffl
Produced by Sascha Loffl

La Casa De Los Opas (The Opas House)
Directed by Mariano Rosa
Produced by Mariano Rosa

La Hora de los Sueños (The Hour of Dreams)
Directed by Rodrigo Orozco
Produced by Estudio Rodrigo Orozco

Last Night
Directed by Will Phillips
Produced by Max Nadsady

Directed by Joshua Reale
Produced by Joshua Reale, Geoff Orlowski

Night of Something Strange
Directed by Jonathan Straiton
Produced by Ron Bonk

O Christmas Tree
Directed by Greg Kovacs
Produced by Nathan Hawkins, Stephanie Christiaens, Darren Hutchings

Directed by Frederic Garçon
Produced by Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound

Directed by Alexandre Laugier
Produced by Alexandre Laugier

Once Upon a Blood Moon
Directed by Robert C. Eaton
Produced by Yu Ying Chien

One By One
Directed by Stefan Ruf
Produced by Stefan Ruf, Neus Saez

Directed by Dilshan Herath
Produced by Luis Castillo

Directed by Jake Hammond
Produced by Paula Andrea Gonzalez

Press Play
Directed by Brayden DeMorest-Purdy
Produced by Stephen Tyler Fisher

Red Velvet
Directed by Valerio Mazzarella
Produced by Konstantin Frolov, Keline Kanoui

Save Yourself
Directed by Ryan M. Andrews
Produced by Allen Ormerod, Pino Halili, Chris Cull

Shuriken Buzz
Directed by Yu Takano
Produced by Yu Takano

Directed by Deloris
Produced by Collet Collins, Harpal Deol

Directed by Mark J. Parker
Produced by Mark J. Parker, Greg Clements

Directed by Oliver Park
Produced by Oliver Park

Directed by Joseph Villapaz
Produced by Joseph Villapaz

Ted and Brenda
Directed by Todd Redenius
Produced by Todd Redenius

The Audition
Directed by Neil Schell
Produced by Mandy Magnan, Gigi Inara

The Beast
Directed by Ridge Mallery
Produced by Mitch Underhill

The Clearing
Directed by Jim Higgins
Produced by Jim Higgins, Jeff Potts, Alucia Potts

The Dweller on the Threshold
Directed by M. Sean McManus
Produced by Mary E. Brickthrower

The Tooth Fairy
Directed by Tom Turner
Produced by Tom Turner, Rebecca Harris

The Tunnel Over The Dark
Directed by Dario Almerighi
Produced by Susanna Ferrari, Dario Almerighi

The Ultra
Directed by Matthew Johnson
Produced by Matthew Johnson, Sebastian Kirchoff

The Ungovernable Force
Directed by Paul McAlarney
Produced by Paul M. McAlarney, Nick Norrman, Alex E. Edwards, Dave Sullivan

The White Lady
Directed by Bryan Corteen
Produced by Bryan Corteen

They Are Mine!
Directed by Michael James Hull
Produced by Michael James Hull

Tokyo Sally
Directed by Kal Toth
Produced by Kal Toth

Trick or Treat
Directed by Veronica Kegel-Giglio
Produced by Veronica Kegel-Giglio

Vampire Season
Directed by Paul Andrich
Produced by Paul Andrich, Dale Krawchuk

What of the Crooked House
Directed by Connor DuPont, Thomas Robinson, Eric Osborne
Produced by Connor DuPont, Thomas Robinson, Eric Osborne

Official 2016 Screenplay Finalists

A Fangirl
Screenplay Written by Diana Galimzyanova

Dakota Caves - 2 Miles
Screenplay Written by Robert Rogers

Death at a Smoke Shop
Screenplay Written by Jonathan D. Stiffy

Destroyer of Worlds
Screenplay Written by H. M. Mirza

Lady of the Lake
Screenplay Written by Dawn McElligott

Screenplay Written by Ryan Paturzo-Polson

Mentally Evil
Screenplay Written by Ronnie Lewis, Jr.

Possessed by a Shadow
Screenplay Written by Ron Williams

Rise of the Dead
Screenplay Written by John Michael Duggan

Snow Angel
Screenplay Written by Christian Scheid

Something Wicked
Screenplay Written by Justin Nizer

Stoners Vs. Vampires
Screenplay Written by Stuart Creque

Tales In & Around a Small Town
Screenplay Written by Ryan Donnelly

The Apocalypse Chronicles
Screenplay Written by Nathan Ludwig, Charles Devin Hill

The Cursed Man
Screenplay Written by Keith Rommel, James L. Perry

Those Darn Kids And Their Computers
Screenplay Written by Bill Robertson

Unnatural Selection
Screenplay Written by Farooq Ahmed, John O'Connor

War of Faith
Screenplay Written by Anthony Robinson

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