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Written by Steven Canfield Crowley
Benjamin and his German Shepherd, Ace find a mysterious, metallic sphere in the woods near their home. Missing people, strange occurrences, and unexplained ailments begin to plague Ben's small town. But can anybody be prepared for whats next?
Science Fiction, New Jersey, USA

Science Fiction,

Hell on Neptune
Written by Robert J. Rogers
An Army brat discovers who he is, and a weapon anyone would kill to get. That a ray gun!
South Carolina, USA

Let It Bleed
Written by Scott Selden
Callous attorney Johanna Palmer embarks to an isolated town where a grisly encounter with a client threatens both her life and sanity. As a Lovecraftian menace and monsters emerge, how will she meet her end?
Virginia, USA

Serial School
Written by Paul J.J. Pasto
A sadistic school for serial killers who's "students" terrify New York.
New York, USA