October 20-23, 2016 | Season 11

(Submitted Films)

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A Fangirl
Written by Diana Galimzyanova
When a young woman goes to see her favorite band playing live, she brings a big sports bag of sharp tools with her.
Horror, Russian Federation

Dakota Caves - 2 Miles
Written by Robert Rogers
Elmwood, a sleepy town in rural Nebraska, is the epicenter of an alien invasion. A space ship drops millions of six foot, egg-shaped objects into the atmosphere that float down and hover on the ground. And while the planet attempts to understand what the object is, inside is a growing, vicious, creature that eventually matures, cuts it's way out of the thick, epidermal layer, and attacks humanity with blood-thirsty intentions.
Science Fiction, South Carolina, USA

Death at a Smoke Shop
Written by Jonathan Stiffy
An out-of-town duo humorously encounter Death at a back-alley smoke shop in New Orleans, with horrific results!
Horror, Pennsylvania, USA

Destroyer of Worlds
Written by H. M. Mirza
Destroyer of Worlds.
United Kingdom

Lady of the Lake
Written by Dawn McElligott
Lady of the Lake.
Horror, Pennsylvania, USA

Mentally Evil
Written by Ronnie Lewis
A cosmetologist with a tragic past moves to Whispering Hills and befriends an unstable, mentally challenged teen, but she quickly discovers whatever she was running from, pales in comparison to this eerie, 200 population town she has run to.
Thriller, Missouri, USA

Possessed by a Shadow
Written by Ron Williams
When a young woman inwittingly missuses the magic of an obedient supernatural entity to obtain love and fortune, the entity is corrupted and becomes a dangerous "thoughtform," a nocturnal phantom bent on her destruction.
Horror, California, USA

Rise of the Dead
Written by John Michael Duggan
Rise of the Dead.
Horror, California, USA

Snow Angel
Written by Christian Scheid
During the worst blizzard in recent history a murder occurs on a college campus. A naked snow angel - frozen to death. With no one able to leave or come on campus, a campus police officer must protect the remaining students and try to find the murderer.
Thriller, Virginia, USA

Stoners Vs. Vampires
Written by Stuart Creque
When two stoners discover that a nest of vampires has taken over the local marijuana trade, they realize it's up to them to save the weed - and the world.
Horror, California, USA

Tales In & Around a Small Town
Written by Ryan Donnelly
Two teenagers read stories from an old book about their town in their local library. The tales get more and more outlandish.
Horror, Massachusetts, USA

The Apocalypse Chronicles
Written by Nathan Ludwig, Charles Devin Hill
The Apocalypse Chronicles is a dark horror anthology that takes place after the end of the world. The connecting wraparound story concerns an unnamed wounded drifter who stumbles into a strange bar populated by a creepy bartender and three mysterious madmen determined to make the stranger remember who he is or kill him if he can't recall anything. Or maybe it's the other way around?
Horror, Virginia, USA

The Curse of Spook Hollow
Written by Bill Robertson
A werewolf needs very specific blood to soothe his ancient Gypsy curse.
Horror, Pennsylvania, USA

The Cursed Man
Written by Keith Rommel, James L. Perry
Alister believes death is in love with him. A simple smile from friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill. With his family deceased and a path of destruction behind him, Alister sits inside a mental institution, sworn to silence and separated from the rest of the world, haunted by his inability to escape death's preferential treatment. But when a beautiful psychologist arrives at the institution and starts offering him care, Alister braces himself for more killings. When none follow, he tries to figure out whether he truly is insane or if death has finally come to him in the form of a woman.
Horror, California, USA

Those Darn Kids And Their Computers
Written by Bill Robertson
Cyborg re-animated corpses remote controlled by gamers hunt adults who refuse to learn computers.
Science Fiction, Pennsylvania, USA

Unnatural Selection
Written by Farooq Ahmed, John O'Connor
Deep inside the pacific northwest wilderness, radical environmentalists destroy an illegal fracking well. The explosion enrages the last remaining Sasquatch horde, who rampage through the forest, eviscerating any humans they find. Led by a strong-willed heroine and an ex-Marine, the surviving environmentalists join forces with the frackers and a mysterious hermit to fight their way to safety.
Fantasy, California, USA